Chunky Monkey van Shaka’s Royal Kraal Rico van Shaka’s Royal Kraal Balto van Shaka’s Royal Kraal Cinnaberry’s Blue Steel
Nite Spirit van Tarwonga
Pretty Donna van Shaka’s Royal Kraal Cardross Just In Time
Ch. Denali Van Shaka’s Royal Kraal
Cardross Misty Blue Braemar’s Carbon Copy rough Ch. Braemar’s Copyright
Ch. Braemar’s Get Down And Boogie
Ch. Cresthaven Ocean Pearl Cherican’s Party On Dude
Cresthaven Ragtime T’Serica
Ch. Rainybank’s Summer Night Gold Hill’s The Peacekeeper rough Ch. McMaur’s The Eliminator McMaur’s The Challenger
McMaur’s Take A Chance On Me
Gold Hill’s Wing N A Prayer McMaur’s Blackjack
Sonic’s First Love
Stilvalley Black Dymond Belfair Black Bandit Ch. Blossom Hill Barely Bronze
Ch. Belfair Barel An Angel
Cinnabar’s Abbey of Camelot Ch. Gentry’s Captain of The Crew
Pembroke Hope of Cinnabar