Sara im September 2017 - 4 Jahre (Foto: Claudia Schmidt)

Ch Shiny Lake´s Best Gift Ever Ch Sandcastle´s Truth Or Dare Sandcastle´s Trick Or Treat Ch Raynoor Salf Made Man
Sandcastle´s Happy With Hilma
Sandcastle´s Skinnydipping Ch Baubon´s Oklahoma Oliwer
Goldbody´s Classy Coctail
Ch Smooth Ravishing Gift of Torrosly Toonie-Loves Smooth Delicious Raynoor Wait A Tick
Toonie-Lieves Smooth Harmony
Smooth Mystery Minx of Torrosly Ch Don Delaney the Smooth of Torrosly
Ch Celina the Smooth of Torrosly
Belbet Grenay Ch Whashishi´s Gideon Ch Whashishi´s Chinook Ch Markylla´s Magic Star Pretender
Ch Whashishi´s Alison
Ch Fair-Oak´s new Mark Ch Snuggletooth Hayseed Hobo
Karenclan´s Flaming Love
Turella´s U´Ribbie Ch Honey Melon Hartley Henry Dandinas Amazing Spirit
Finn-Beauty´s Gipsy Girl
Ch Turella´s Quintasia Foxearth High Frequency
Ch Colombian Friend´s Joy N´Pride